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This is your muscular and mental center that allows you to perform at your peak in your sport of choice, your profession, and your life.  We help you develop, strengthen and balance your core so you can excel in life.



More than a workout and wellness program, Muscle Core focuses on you as a complete person.  Unlike traditional piecemeal or sport-specific training systems that leave you strong in one area but broken in others, we take a holistic, integrated approach.



Our approach to nutrition is to guide you toward natural, nutrient-dense foods that are scientifically proven to fuel the body, bolster immunity, and balance the mind.  Our supplements and nutrition plans are implemented by trained coaches across the country.


What is Muscle Core?

A balanced approach to achieving and maintaining high athletic performance

Training programs designed for longevity begin with core exercises. A strong core allows you to excel at any sport whether it is bootcamp HIIT programs, Olympic sports, or your favorite weekend activity. Muscle core programs build a strong foundation upon which all other sports may build upon

Mindfulness programs that focus on your well being and holistic self. You can only burn the candle at both ends for so long. Our programs are designed to elevate mindfulness to a high level in your life so you can find the right balance for you, at this time, in this place.

Nutrition program fuel your body right by giving it the nutrition it needs day in day out. We don't focus on quick weight loss, bulking phases, or the latest diet trend that nobody will be talking about in six months. We focus on natural foods, simple preparations, and nutritional density that nourish your body and mind for peak performance.

Finding your Muscle Core

There are three ways to find your muscle core. At select athletic centers and gyms, on our website, and through customized training with our coaching network.

We partner with athletic centers and gyms across the nation that we feel are aligned with our approach to Holistic Human Development. At these centers, you will find our trainers, nutrition products, classes, and coaches that are certified in the Muscle Core program. We are constantly growing but want to maintain tight control on quality so please contact us if you want to become a partner or certified Muscle Core coach..

We are in growth mode and our website is the best place to keep updated on everything Muscle Core. We will provide online training programs for busy individuals on the go who need training to fit their schedule at home. Look out for our line of products to finally be available outside of gym locations and online for purchase.

Our network of certified Muscle Core Coaches has over 1,000 coaches spanning almost every market across the nation. They are trained through a rigorous curriculum that includes our Core System workout programming, nutrition and dietary guidelines for peak performance, and mindfulness and wellness practices including life coaching, meditation, and holistic assessments. If you are in an area without a Muscle Core Certified Coach, please contact us for an online referral. If you are a coach looking to level up your own practice, contact us for information on how to join a rapidly growing program that meets the needs of today's non-professional athlete who places just as much value on mental development as muscle development.